Hypnosis & Intuitive Awakenings

100 Hour National Guild of Hypnotists Approved

Hypnotist Certification Training

Reasons to become a Certified Consulting Hypnotist

  • You will have a deeper understanding of why you are the way you are and how to change beliefs that no longer work for you.
  • You will be able to help people create positive change in their lives.
  • You will be able to earn money and create your own hours.
  • You will have more freedom to do what’s important to you each day.
  • You will be a member of the largest, friendliest hypnosis guild in the world, the National Guild of Hypnotists!
  • You will be able to start seeing clients as soon as the training ends, which makes the course pay for itself!
  • Graduates can audit future certification trainings to give you more opportunity to hone your skills and review information again.
  • I offer workshops and programs after your training to help you create and launch your profitable hypnosis practice – with ease!

Questions I have been asked about this course:

A: I bring 40 plus years experience of being both a practitioner and trainer into each course. Because I still work with individual clients on a daily basis my energy and information is always in present time and I’m able to draw on actual cases as learning examples for my students. There are many instructors who choose to only teach. I bring a balanced, rounded approach into the classroom with up-to-date information about launching and maintaining a profitable business once the course is completed.

A: Yes! I have enjoyed $20,000 months since COVID last March – working from home!

A: No! Especially now when everyone is working on-line, all you need is a tablet or laptop for sessions.

Not at all! Many, many people have taken my training so they could work on their own blocks and issues because each day you are working with the subconscious!

I encourage ALL my students to keep learning and honing their skills. The NGH requires 15 hours a year to keep your membership in good standing. I offer classes throughout the year that will give you CEU’s plus a Mastermind Group that meets once a month. The NGH has a wonderful Conference every summer (when there’s no pandemic) that gives you all the CEU’s for the year, as well as the Solid Gold weekend in Las Vegas in February.

Not at all. I believe the Universe always brings the people to us we are meant to serve. When there is more than one hypnotist in town it creates a powerful ‘subliminal’ message that this is a modality that is safe and works to help people create positive change.

Nope! A portion of the training is dedicated to walking you through the steps of starting a practice. I also have post-graduate opportunities to help keep you on track. Your success truly is my passion!

This program is for anyone interested in becoming a Certified Consulting Hypnotist with the National Guild of Hypnotists, including professionals of all kinds and hypnotists who want to expand their skills. It is also for individuals who wish to take the training for their personal development.