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Offering hypnosis and meditation tools for transformational change in Berkeley and on-line, the mission of Healed Heart Hypnosis is to help people create positive change in their lives so they may embrace life fully with confidence and passion. Through hypnosis and other alternative healing methods individuals will be given the opportunity to find that inner place of calmness  where they may experience self-acceptance and the realization there have been no mistakes, only stepping stones along their journey of personal unfoldment.

Debi Boushey, Board Certified Hypnotist and Certified Instructor, has been practicing and teaching meditation, metaphysical mind sciences and hypnosis since 1978 with students and clients around the world. A practitioner of the Law of Attraction and other prosperity/spiritual teachings, she helps clients identify the trapped past emotions that are blocking them from living a life of health, wealth and abundance.

She was the co-founder and principle Instructor at the highly acclaimed ISHI School Of Hypnosis Training in Berkeley for twenty-two years. While at ISHI she hosted a live, call-in weekly radio show called “Total Prosperity” that drew many loyal listeners from around the Bay Area and then world wide when ‘internet live-streaming’ was introduced!

Debi has served as a Board of Director for two non-profit organizations for a total of fifteen years where she acted as Fundraiser and Event Planner. While chairing one of the Boards she worked closely with local and state political officials and organized and facilitated two events that were co-hosted by the actor/activist Martin Sheen.

She was the Hypnosis Smoking Cessation specialist for the Peralta Community Colleges of the Bay Area for ten years with great success. For twelve years she was the hypnotist at Options Recovery Services in Berkeley where she worked with groups to help them quit smoking and also individual clients, helping them to stay motivated on their journey with sobriety. In 2011 she created her private hypnosis practice, Healed Heart Hypnosis, where she works with clients and teaches classes in a beautiful two-story loft in Berkeley, CA. She has a large following for both her Healed Heart Hypnosis Blog and YouTube channel for hypnosis.

She was the National Guild of Hypnotists Member of the Year in 2006, a Solid Gold Presenter in 2006 and 2011 and was inducted into the prestigious Order of Braid Council in 2010.



Integrity: I will be honest with our work together as you take the steps to reclaim your wholeness.

Accountability: I will motivate and inspire you the best I can as you accept personal accountability for the changes you want to create. This is your power!

Uniqueness: We are all a unique expression of  Universal Consciousness. I will help you cultivate and nurture your unique self in every session.

Laughter: I believe amusement is the highest form of healing and laughter is the wine of the Gods. I offer a space of permission to learn how to take yourself more lightly!

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