Healed Heart Hypnosis

Special Integrated Wellness Session

Two hours dedicated to your inner nourishment and well-being. Your session begins with an energy healing/chakra balance atunement, followed by an intuitive reading. The reading will shed light on the energies and issues you are dealing with at that time. After the reading you'll be guided into hypnosis to experience a deeper level of relaxation, releasing and letting go. The session ends with a special Christ Force Healing. This involves anointing your feet with Frankincense essential oil. Frankincense promotes spiritual health and peace of mind. Then I will hold the soles of your feet in my hands to help move this healing vibration through your body. You'll love experiencing the deep inner calm and will leave feeling renewed and regenerated in body, mind and soul!

As a professionally trained clairvoyant I've been offering intuitive counseling since 1983.  A reading will help you gain clarity and perspective on the situations and challenges life presents. An energy healing and chakra balancing are included with each session. Essential oils to help with your personal issues are available at your request.

Hypnosis Programs

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Intuitive Counseling

Your subconscious mind is the storehouse of memory for all your life experience, both positive and negative. These memories are like frozen pictures in time. Wrapped within these images are the emotional imprints from those situations. It is these old emotions that often block us from embracing positive change and moving forward with our goals. Hypnosis can help you release the old blocks thus empowering you to manifest the life of your dreams! Call me and learn how my hypnosis programs will help you get your life back on track!

How many sessions will you need?

Hypnosis is a process. You didn't acquire the unhealthy habits and patterns of behavior overnight so it's fair to say you'll probably need more than one session to create the positive changes you want to experience. With that said, hypnosis is a much faster process than other modalities because you are working from the subconscious level which is where the root of the core issues are stored. During your free phone consultation I will explain how the different programs will best serve your needs to help with your success. You are welcome to start with one session to see if you like hypnosis and are comfortable working with me. Your well being is my main concern!

Debi Boushey Healed Heart Hypnosis

As a mentor and group facilitator myself I always appreciate when I can put myself in the hands of a trusted colleague and relax into doing my own inner work while enjoying myself in the process.

Debi embodies all the qualities I look for in a teacher, mentor, and feminine leader: Integrity, authenticity, playfulness, power, curiosity and love. (She's super funny and goofy too!)

Perhaps the most powerful thing that I came away with from both of Debi’s events is a transmission--more than anything she actually ever said in words--that is, how EASY things can be, how easy it can be to shift, to heal, to align. That is a precious thing especially when dealing with clearing my most stubborn remnant issues, ones that I've been "working on" for a LONG time.

Debi’s teachings and methods WORK. They come from 40 years of professional and personal life experience having lived, synthesized and refined them for herself, sharing only the essence of works to bring rapid healing, awakening and transformation.

Debi teaches and empowers her students using esoteric principles and subtle energy tools in straight-forward and pragmatic ways. Delivered in a surprisingly disarming, breezy manner, it just all slips right in past the defenses of the conscious mind. She’s a master transformational hypnotist, after all, one you can totally trust!

 -Jan Robinson, Berkeley, CA