Healing the Sacred Feminine; A Space For Women

Debi Boushey Healed Heart Hypnosis

Healed Heart Hypnosis

Sessions and 3 private classes to infuse your life with dynamic change!

I'm excited to offer this program specifically designed for women that combines psychic awareness, hypnosis and
metaphysical energy techniques; the Holy Trinity to create positive, powerful, permanent change!
Each session is approximately 2 hours.

Session 1: Female Energy Reading
I will clairvoyantly tune into your female energy channel and give you feed back regarding how you are using your creative energy in various aspects of your life. I will also see where you may be blocked from truly owning your power and will help to release these energy blocks from your space.

Session 2: Hypnosis Session
You will be guided into your subconscious mind to discover and uncover programmed beliefs you are carrying regarding being a woman. These imprints may be causing effort in your ability to create change, feeling comfortable with your female body etc.
A special technique will be facilitated that will allow you to actually step into your power and own it!

Classes: Three One-on-One Instructional Classes
You will learn how to ground your body, channel your powerful female energy through your space and create/destroy on the energy level. This is how you manifest and create the life of your dreams. You CAN be fearless and unstoppable!

Please email or call me to schedule your free conversation call to see if this program is right for you!
This program can be done long-distance as well via Zoom, FaceTime or Skype!
I look forward to being of service to you!